Pure Diving

Grenada is nicknamed the ‘Wreck Dive Capital of the Caribbean’ with a number of extraordinary dive sites to choose from. One of 15 Grenada shipwrecks, the Bianca C Wreck is an enormous cruise liner that sank in 1961 and now looms eerily in the gloom, 50 metres below the surface. Then there’s the world’s first underwater sculpture park where British artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s series of haunting cement and steel sculptures lie at the bottom of a shallow marine park, tropical shoals of fish meandering between them.

Pure Culture

Grenada has a magnitude of captivating historic sites including the 18th-century Fort George which you’ll find in St George’s, the island’s riveting capital.

Exploring further, you can also take a guided tour of the River Antoine Rum Distillery which is the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery in the Caribbean – make sure you buy a bottle of rum to go!

And chocolate lovers must visit Belmond Estate, a 17th-century plantation that’s still fully-functional today with cocoa processing, an organic farm and a heritage museum.

Pure Romance

Grenada is one of the quieter and more authentic destinations in the Caribbean which is why many couples choose this peaceful island for their honeymoon.

Whether you want to trek to secluded waterfalls together, snorkel beneath the crystal clear waves, enjoy fine dining under the stars, or simply find an untouched beach to sunbathe on, this jewel of an island offers it all.

Pure Food

Foodies will delight in the mouth-watering amount of delectable cuisine there is to sample in Grenada. Head to St George’s for market mornings filled with local spices and street food. At Street Food Wednesdays at Dodgy Dock you can try Grenada’s national dish, Oil Down; an eclectic mix of salted meats, pumpkin and green bananas with spices and herbs.

Don’t miss Gouyave Fish Friday, a weekly fish festival booming with flavour and fun where music and dancing accompany the chance to feast on fresh fish and seafood.

Pure Exploring

Opportunities to explore abound in Grenada. Why not hike to the Seven Sisters Falls, a cascading wonder hidden in the rainforest.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with 45 beaches to choose from – Grand Anse has the prestige of being named the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. Or, for something a little different, visit the volcanic Black Bay beach with its intriguing black sand.

Pure Nature

Tropical flowers, flourishing birdlife and even armadillos, opossums and mona monkeys can be spotted in Grenada. You’ll be spellbound by the kaleidoscopic treasure trove of marine species inhabiting the waters too – reef sharks, manta rays, dolphins and Great Barracuda are regularly spotted. Birdwatching enthusiasts should visit the breathtaking Lake Antoine; formed in an extinct volcano, this shimmering lake attracts a flurry of bird species.
Grand Étang Forest Reserve is also perfect for spotting wildlife - rambunctious monkeys and chirruping frogs reside here amongst four of the island’s tallest peaks and the iridescent Grand Étang Lake.